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Holiday Gift Guide: Part III

Christmas is happening in three days, and Hanukkah is well under way already, but there is no way that any of us have actually finished shopping yet. These next few days will come to be the apex of your gift hunting, where the limited time you have left will creatively inspire your purchases in ways you could never have imagined. For our fellow procrastinators, we salute you, and we’re here to save your ass one last time with the third and final installment of our Holiday Gift Guide. Happy hunting everyone, and have merry holidays!

Shredder Sweaters:

Forget those ugly Christmas sweaters, could you be any fresher than if you rolled up to a holiday party in a Tribe Called Quest inspired knit? Unless you’re Q-Tip himself, then this is about as fresh as fresh gets. Shredder Sweaters turn up their winter-wear game a couple notches, bringing classic hip hop realness into comfy, homespun yarns. They’re also available in several patterns of Wu-Tang chic, but for the more sensitive among us, you can get a sweater with Morrissey on it.

Maurizio Cattelan/Toilet Paper Mag Calendar:

We’ve already discussed how much we love the viscerally charged photography of Maurizio Cattelan, but we had no idea we could condense the artist’s volatile style into a handy 2015 calendar! Taken from his contributions to the online publication Toilet Paper Magazine, the calendar features a selection of some of the more eye-popping pieces created in the collaboration between Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. Perfect for the friend who likes to question the aesthetics of corporate consumer culture as they schedule the year ahead.

The New Madonna EP:

For those of you that hadn’t heard, Madonna pulled a Beyonce on us and surprise released an EP that has six (!) new tracks from her upcoming album Rebel Heart to be released in March. Assuring Queen Madge’s contemporary relevancy, the tracks are produced by everyone from Kanye West to Diplo to Grimes collaborator Blood Diamonds. This gift is perfect for any gay man in your life, as well as anyone that would rather dance like it’s 1989 instead of go caroling. Also head to the Milk Gallery Store for our book of early Madonna photographs as well as a signed copy of Diplo’s new book.


Those cleverly ironic jokers behind the cultural phenomenon known as Cards Against Humanity have one-upped themselves with Bullshit, a great gift for…anyone, really. Packaging an actual piece of animal defecation (sanitized of course) into a sleek little box proved to be a surprise smash, reportedly selling over 30,000 this holiday season. Made for a Black Friday promotion, it has become something of a legend, officially sold out by the company but being traded around Ebay like once in a lifetime contraband. It can be nice to have a physical manifestation of the shit going on in your life, but would anyone actually expect to get a shit IRL?

Haven’t seen our first two parts of the Holiday Gift Guide yet? Get on it!

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