John Waters Remakes Pink Flamingos with Children

Pink Flamingos is one of those movies that you see once and its’ horrifyingly grotesque imagery sticks with you the rest of your life. It’s the film that launched cult cinema icon John Waters into the public eye, and the film that turned the phrase ‘shit-eating grin’ into a stomach churning reality, and now it’s been remade starring a bunch of children. That’s right, the movie about the battle for the title of filthiest person alive just got G-rated.

And remade by Waters himself no less. As part of a new exhibition titled ‘Beverly Hills John,’ Waters will be projecting the entirety of his reworked 1972 masterpiece as one of the many eclectic pieces featured in this new art show. Calling it Kiddie Flamingos, the new version is as close to a shot-for-shot remake of the original as possible, albeit severely edited for language and certain plot points, such as a sex scene that kills a live chicken onscreen, that would be unsavory for a cast under the age of 21.

In an interview with the New York Times, Waters said of the original film that “if you took out the sex and the violence it is a children’s story because it’s the battle of the gross-out, and that’s what most kids’ books are now.” And indeed there is something remotely child-like about Pink Flamingos, that is if you can get past the incestuous sex scenes, obese women in cribs, egg fetishes, hot dog exhibitionism, and the eating of fecal matter. No word on whether the role inhabited by Divine, Waters’ drag queen muse, will be played by a child in drag, but that will probably end up being one of the least surprising portions of this production. Go see it if you dare.

‘Kiddie Flamingos’ will be on display in the exhibition ‘Beverly Hills John’ at the Marianne Boesky Gallery in Chelsea from Jan. 9th through Feb. 14th.

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