Best Art Moments of 2014

Every year the art world is grazed by the good, the bad, and the ugly, and 2014 was no exception. This year saw collaborations between James Franco and Daniel Arsham, gallery shows by Michael Stipe, and Moby…the list goes on. However, our list sees five moments in art that no one could stop talking about, so hey maybe over the holidays these will serve as good topics when things get awkward and silent. Glad we could help!

David Lynch and Patti Smith Give Us Insight Into Their Minds

Two of the most beloved artists of our time, Patti Smith and David Lynch, sat down for a chat as part of BBC Newsnight’s Encounters and what followed was a heartwarming exchange of nostalgia and creativity. Ever wondered what David Lynch thinks is beautiful? Well now you can know! Ever wonder where Patti Smith got inspiration for the song Grateful? Again, check the video for answers. Maybe this isn’t the biggest moment art saw in 2014 but it sure is one of the most beautiful ones, and for that we put it in this list. Patti and David 4 ever.

Megumi Igarashi Makes a ‘Pussy Boat,’ Gets Arrested

She might have been unknown to most, but after Megumi Igarashi successfully created a kayak that looked like a vagina and then got arrested for sending 3D printed data of her scanned vagina as a thank you gift to the donors of her “Pussy Boat” crowd fund, we’re sure she’s not soon to be forgotten. The feminist artist was actually arrested again earlier this month for similar charges – sharing a link of “obscene” material that shows her plans at making a 3D boat. Not only has this case sparked up a conversation of censorship, but it has also made everyone want to float away in a vaginal kayak…so no matter how many times Igarashi gets arrested, she wins. Pussy power!

Koons Gets Vandalized

Jeff Koons is no stranger to controversy – it seems that wherever Koons goes, news follows. This year his critically acclaimed retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art became the crime scene for another form of “art?” We say art loosely, as the men in question both vandalized a white wall on two different occasion but both similarly with their tags: “PPRRYEVECOCET” in spray paint and an “X” in blood. So no Koons pieces were actually damaged, but the question “wtf, why?” did arise in many a conversation.

Miley Cyrus Makes Art for Jeremy Scott

Miley is one of those amazing people that really don’t care what other people think, and it shows with the palpable honesty in her craft. This was no different with her first art collection, which she made for Jeremy Scott’s SS15 show at MADE Fashion Week. The pieces ranged from masks, hats, and everything in between – pieces which she later showed for her own gallery display titled Dirty Hippie. Everyone had their opinion on the singer’s first take at art, but people better get used to it, because Miley is just warming up.

Tree Sculpture Gets Destroyed

It’s safe to say Parisians were a lot less than enthused when artist Paul McCarthy debuted his tree sculpture and it turned out it looked less like a tree and more like a butt plug. Amidst controversy and complaints it seems one anonymous citizen was reaaaally pissed about the sculpture, and decided to pop it into oblivion. We don’t know what is more great: the fact that the tree looked like a sex toy or the fact that a tree looking like a sex toy made somebody so mad they had to resort to criminal actions. Either way, no “tree” has made news this big since George Washington chopped down that cherry one.

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