Grimes Shares an EP from her MySpace

When was the last time you checked your MySpace page? Is there anything you left there in 2006 that might still have some merit in the social media marketplace that has become so distinctly MySpace-less? Grimes, the ambassador of Gothic kawaii electro pop, has been sifting through the dusty vaults of her own MySpace page and has shared with the world her most interesting find: a whole EP of unreleased music!

Recorded well before the release of her debut album, 2010’s spooky Geidi Primes, this treasure trove of new material is a startlingly telling glimpse into Grimes’ past, and it very much informs her future sonic trajectory. Combining a bizarre assortment of influences (is that bluegrass banjo picking we here?), the brief four songs she shared are actually worthy additions to her repertoire. Tracks like ‘The Crazy Doctor’ and particularly ‘World Brain’ sound right at home amongst her other standout songs.

The new tracks are still up on her MySpace, but you can also listen to all four on this handy dandy Youtube clip. Grimes warned us to use caution while listening as she posted these, citing that they are “vvvvvv sketchy.” But girl, give yourself some credit; these are some amazing songs for someone that hadn’t even discovered GarageBand software yet.

Check out her insane music video for ‘Go’ here, photo by Bec Lorrimer and styled by Paul Bui for Yen Magazine

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