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Best Memes of 2014

The Internet is a strange place that affects the other, non-virtual, reality of life. For good or for bad the Internet has given us wonderful, wonderful gifts, the better of which are memes. There are thousands and thousands of memes created per year, but just like in every category of its own, there are some memes that this year managed to shine above and beyond the Internet. Here we give you the top five memes of 2014.

Hot Convict

Who can forget the face that started a bail-out Internet craze? After being arrested on five weapon charges and one gang charge, Jeremy Meek’s mug shot photo was posted on the Stockton, CA Police Department’s Facebook page and the rest is history. With those sultry baby blues, a full mouth, and a perfect jawline, everyone everywhere was more concerned with him getting out and getting onto the runway than on why he was in jail in the first place. Images of Meeks as a Calvin Klein ad promptly swept the Internet like wildfire, and really we don’t blame them…I mean, can you?

Sad Kanye

Who can forget the iconic meme ‘Sad Keanu,’ wherein a forlorn sandwich-eating Keanu Reeves is placed in all types of scenarios. Sad Keanu was Internet gold and this year we got the cousin of this legendary meme: Sad Kanye. Kanye was zip lining on vacation with his wife Kim K when the original photo was taken…while Kim poses with the trainer, Kanye sits in the background, looking as sad – maybe even sadder – than his predecessor Keanu. It’s only appropriate then that out of hundreds of images that Sad Kanye was imposed on the best one is him and Keanu sitting on a bench and being a couple of sad boys.

Kermit None of my Business

Perhaps one of the best memes to ever be created, this image of Kermit the Frog sipping Lipton’s has become synonymous with being passé after speaking the truth. The “but that’s none of my business” line is as funny as it is burning, and the meme has been appropriated for every.single.scenario imaginable. Thanks Kermit, for giving us the funniest, most condescending meme of the year sips tea

Squirt gun Leo

Leonardo DiCaprio, like Keanu, gave us one of the best memes of all time a few years ago when he strutted down a street in Paris during the filming of Inception. The actor looked like a happy kid at an amusement park, and this summer Leo gave us more of that childish fun that only a multi-millionaire, handsome, successful actor who boasts an ex-girlfriend list longer than most model castings at fashion week, can have. Leo, who was in Italy this time around, was running around with friends wielding a water gun, no shirt, and the biggest smile we’ve seen him in probably since his strutting days. Obviously this image was replicated everywhere, and is further proof while Leo will forever have a special place in our hearts.

Bye Felicia

Just like everything else on the Internet things escalate very quickly, and this meme is a clear example of that. The line “Bye Felicia” is not even an important line in the 1995 Chris Tucker/Ice Cube film Friday but somehow it became the most immortalized phrase of 2014. So to anyone who doesn’t understand what it means? It’s not good, let’s just say that much. If you catch anyone saying “Bye Felicia” to you you’ve just been disrespected. But that’s none of our business.

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