2014's Most Used Word is an Emoji

Congratulations millenials, this time we have outdone ourselves. Though Emojis have been present on our iPhones for several years now, 2014 was the year in which the Emoji transcended our culture at large. Even our grandmas have learned to communicate solely through Emoji. Which is undoubtedly why an annual poll of the Top Words of the Year has revealed that the 2014 winner was the Heart Emoji.

Besides the obvious conundrum of how an Emoji, a pixelated image, could possibly count for a word, it is simultaneously hilarious and disheartening that the most omnipresent piece of communication for the whole year was a grainy cartoon heart. The annual poll was conducted by the Global Language Monitor, an organization that also tallies the most used phrases and names of each year. The top phrase of 2014 was movingly Hands Up, Don’t Shoot, while the top name of the year was ‘Ebola,’ which we can only assume refers to the disease name, unless there’s a whole crop of babies that parents named ‘Ebola’ this year.

Some of the other top words of 2014 included ‘bae,’ ‘photobomb,’ and ‘clickbait,’ but the heart Emoji easily surpassed them all. Perhaps because it’s such an easy, effective way of condensing so many overwrought words and phrases to express love, or perhaps because it’s such a universal symbol, or perhaps because it’s just more fun to send a picture than a word, but the heart Emoji has now reached a special place in human history. Better that then the smiling pile of poop Emoji.

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