Now You Can Take a Gay Tour of the Vatican

Under the leadership of the seriously awesome Pope Francis, the
Catholic Church has been given a significant makeover of its policies and procedures, but for the most part it is still universally recognized as a pretty conservative institution. Which is why it is frankly bonkers to hear of a tour of the Vatican and it’s art in the works that is specifically geared towards the gay community and gay history. Can we get a collective ‘yaaaaass’?

Naturally the Vatican is a huge tourist draw, it’s home to some of the most recognizable works of art in world history. But many of the Renaissance masters who contributed to it’s treasure trove of painting were some fierce old queens, a part of their heritage that the Vatican was less excited to share. Artists that are universally recognized, such as Michelangelo, Caravaggio, and Leonardo da Vinci, were all quite openly gay in their time, but this fact has often been blatantly covered up and ignored as the years have gone by. Quiiky, a queer oriented travel company, aims to undo this process and shed some light on the very gay history behind some of the art and artists featured in the Vatican.

Quiiky’s tours of the Vatican and it’s halls of art, like the Sistine Chapel, will be focused solely on the untold stories of the lives of the queer artists who helped shape the Vatican into the cultural center that it is today, as well as some of the more subtle aspects of the artists’ respective paintings (looking at you, nude figure of Adam). The only question that remains is whether the Vatican itself will allow these tours to continue on their doorstep, but let’s hope that Pope Francis will keep coming through for the LGBT community.

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