Jay Z on Hip Hop's Role Against Racism

What happens when you mix Oprah Winfrey and Jay Z? Magic, of course. Jay is the latest subject of a slew of African-American writers, actors, musicians, etc. to star in Oprah’s Emmy-nominated Master Class series for the Civil Rights Special (other contributors include Condoleeza Rice, Maya Angelou, Lionel Richie).

In the brief but poignant clip Jay Z talks about race and how he thinks “hip-hop has done more for cultural relations than most cultural icons…save Martin Luther King…but the impact of the music didn’t only influence kids from urban areas, it influenced people all around the world.” He believes that hip-hop music has bridged the social gaps in terms of race because the popularity of the genre has made clubs become integrated, as opposed to segregated by style, as it used to be.

Jay also says, “racism is taught in the home. I truly believe racism is taught when you’re young, so it’s very difficult to teach racism when your kid looks up to Snoop Doggy Dogg.” The Bed-Stuy native is a strong advocate of civil rights, showing support to Trayvon Martin’s family by attending the vigil in 2013.

He finished the segment with the resounding statement, “we’re more alike than we’re separate.” We couldn’t agree more with the hip-hop icon.

Photo via The Next Web

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