Antarctica to host Biennale

Winter is coming…. to the art world at least. Art shows are usually (and logically) held in a variety of either prime vacation spots or bustling metropolitan centers, an ideal candidate of both being Miami for the recently finished Art Basel. So it may seem surprising to learn that one of the biggest event in contemporary art will be taking place on none other than the sprawling, frozen wasteland unpopulated by humans that we know as Antarctica.

As crazy as it sounds, it’s true. A project between curator Nadim Samman and artist Alexander Ponomarev, the event is being heralded as the Antarctica Biennale of 2016. Initially conceived during the recent 2014 Venice Biennale, the artists were intrigued by what they called the ‘architecture’ of the continent, and how it something of a clean slate in both its’ aesthetic and diplomatic worth. On the website for the event, the artists stated that “Antarctica is pure, hard-of-access and enigmatic, like art itself! This white continent is like a white sheet of paper on which artists of different lands and nationalities will try to write new rules of cooperation.”

The Biennale will be hosting up to 100 artists for the event, all of which we can assume are just as intrigued in the idea of a continent as canvas. The planned itinerary is for the artists to arrive by boat, where upon arrival they will display environmentally friendly pieces of art and architecture for the following two weeks. Some of the pieces expected to appear include a snowflake-shaped greenhouse as well as unique spins on the typical architecture of the research station. This landmark event for Antarctica promises to be one of the more forward thinking and eco-friendly, if not plain intriguing, art gatherings in recent memory, we just hope the penguins will be okay with it.

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