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HBD David Bowie! Celebrate with 5 Iconic Looks

Happy birthday David Bowie! The legendary rock icon turns 68 today and, naturally, we decided to celebrate with him. Bowie is as known for his game changing fashion moments as he is for his music, so why not celebrate with a little bit of both? Turn your speakers up and enjoy.

Hippie androgyny + Oh! You Pretty Things

Wake up you sleepy heads! Somewhere between the iconic Space Oddity and Ziggy Stardust, Bowie put out the superb album Hunky Dory. The look? The prettiest lad in England. Bowie was always androgynous, and during this era he sported long flowy hair and would famously share clothes with his then-wife Angie. Pants with extra flare and that haaaair

Ziggy Stardust + Moonage Daydream

In 1972 Bowie created the most famous alter-ego in the history of music: Ziggy Stardust. Ziggy is the human form of an alien sent to earth to save it, not to mention a fashion icon. Donning electric red hair, no brows, and package exposing leotards, Ziggy Stardust became an immediate sensation, however it was his Kansai Yamamoto designed pieces which gave him a slot in fashion’s hall of fame.

The Thin White Duke + Fame

The death of Ziggy Stardust gave rise to the Thin White Duke: Bowie’s most elegant, perfectly chic character. With slicked back redish-gold hair, chiseled cheekbones, and immaculately tailored suits, Bowie went from alien god to sex god. Case in point? The film The Man Who Fell To Earth. If you haven’t seen it then stop everything you’re doing and watch it now. A word of warning, this is Bowie at his prime.

Berlin Bowie + Heroes

Bowie travelled to Berlin with Iggy Pop wherein he created the life changing albums Low, Heroes, and Lodger, and his musical minimalism of this time was also evident in his clothes. He echoed the Thin White Duke with elegant suits and trench coats, but it’s his look in Heroes that makes it evident that one can’t become a fashion icon, they simply are. A leather jacket can only look this good on a god.

Pastel Suits + Modern Love

Although he created some of his most famous songs during the 80s (China Girl, Under Pressure, and Cat People (Putting Out Fire), amongst others) this decade is best remembered for Bowie’s bleached blonde hair and pastel suits. Looking like the perfect Easter egg, the singer proved that powder blue suits don’t look like cheap wedding attire on everyone.

Honorable mention: Jareth the Goblin King + As The World Falls Down

#NeverForget those tights, that makeup, that hairdo. But more importantly, those tights.

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