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The Surprising Stars of SS15's Campaigns

Joni Mitchell, the folk music legend famous for songs such as California and Both Sides Now, is the latest icon to become the face of a fashion campaign via Saint Laurent. Shot by Hedi Slimane himself (in black and white, of course), Mitchell is the latest musician to become part of the Saint Laurent Music Project, which has also included Marilyn Manson, Courtney Love, Ariel Pink, and Kim Gordon.

Mitchell is the latest member of the “surprising campaign stars of 2015” crowd, and in case you missed any of these we got you covered.

Glenn O’Brien, Kim Gordon, and Mykki Blanco for Iceberg

This campaign debut is fresh out of the oven, and we mean fresh in all sense of the word. Iceberg celebrates the big 4-0 this year and in order to celebrate Olivier Zahm, founder of Purple Magazine, has shot a campaign of polaroids featuring 12 people, including New York veterans Glenn O’Brien and Kim Gordon, while also focusing on the best of the present scene, like Mykki Blacno and Jeanette Hayes, amongst others. The photos are playful, colorful, and very cool – what else could you want for a summer campaign?

Kimye For Balmain

The power couple and the historic fashion house announced their campaign collaboration just a day before Christmas Eve, which makes us think this was their way of blessing Baby Jesus’ birthday. The campaign is less surprising than most others on this list because of the longstanding friendship the Wests have with Olivier Rousteing, but we were still not expecting the collaboration to happen. Upon looking at the campaign images though it all makes sense – no two people could look like these two do while posing atop a broken down car.

Joan Didion for Céline

It seems that the trend is to get campaign stars who are eternally cool, like Mitchell, O’Brien, and of course literary legend Joan Didion. Didion’s campaign for Céline just made its debut a couple of days ago and it was the closest thing to breaking the internet that we’ve gotten to since that Kim K shoot that we all undoubtedly know too well. The icon looks so effortlessly cool that we can only imagine slews of models trying to mimic her swag for future campaigns, but let it be known that that kind of effortlessness is actually effortless. Go Joan!

Hollywood Hotties for Prada Menswear

Although for an unknowing eye the stars of Prada’s SS15 menswear campaign might just look like male models, they are all in fact some of the most talked about actors in Hollywood today. The campaign stars Ansel Elgort (The Fault In Our Stars), Miles Teller (Whiplash), Jack O’Connell (Unbroken), and Ethan Hawke (Boyhood). While Hawke is the only veteran, he does mighty well to hold his own amongst the breakout stars of the year. We never knew such mundane things like using scissors and peeling an orange could look so sexy.

Italian Grandmas for Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana’s campaigns always have a way of giving you nostalgia for something that most of us didn’t grow up with: Italy. They tend to use images that look like snapshots of the town’s most fun and festive party, and the newest campaign is no exception. Whereas before we’ve seen the dancing portion of the party now we get to see the matrons of the family, with the newest campaign focusing on elderly women decked out in ornate crowns and purses. The image is joyous, playful, and ageless – one more reason we have FOMO whenever we look at the Italian house campaigns.

Justin Bieber for Calvin Klein

In reality the pairing makes 100% sense considering that Calvin Klein has done this before: a hot young musician superstar prancing around in Calvin’s. We’re talking about Marky Mark and Kate Moss, of course. Flash forward 20 years and the same dynamic is there, except this time it’s Lara Stone being the topless ying to Bieber’s abs yang. The campaign is sexy in that forbidden way that CK knows only too well, and in true fashion its already garnering lots of polemic. Why? Well Beliebers all over the world have taken to threatening Stone for touching “their man’s” junk. Nothing strange about that…

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