Underground Museum to be Built in Germany

The art scene isn’t just about making new art, it’s also about finding the newest ways to show it off. Floating in Antarctica? You got it Underground in Germany? Soon you’ll get that too.

Construction has finally started on the “Museum unter Tage” in Bochum, Germany…and all it took was 20 years of planning and €9.5 million. “A staircase will lead to an underground hall from where visitors will be able to discover the artworks in three separate rooms," says architect Andreas Schindler of the museum whose concept was devised by the gallerist Alexander von Berswordt-Wallrabe.

The museum will be built 23 feet beneath the Weitmarer Schlosspark and will be the third phase of the Situation Kunst Museum, founded by von Berswordt-Wallrabe as well. The space will boast works from the 17th century to present day and will also include video and sound installations. Luckily the scheduled opening date is in November of this year, so unless you’re severely claustrophobic you’ve got a new must-see destination for your next Eurotrip.

Photos of the Schlosspark via Artibeau and Wikimedia

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