Adidas Unveils a New Fragrance by Jeremy Scott

Adidas has been crushing it in their collaboration game, as evidenced by the recent debut of StellaSport, a frenetically appealing line of athletic wear from the mind of Stella McCartney. Up next on their plate is a brand new fragrance, packaged in the miniature form of wing-tipped sneakers. The creative mind behind this collaboration? None other than one of our absolute favorites, Jeremy Scott.

This is far from the first effort of a Scott/Adidas unity, the designer has been working with the brand as far back as 2008. But the upcoming fragrance is an encapsulation of their combined efforts, as it is a miniature recreation of Scott’s recent metallic gold wing-tipped sneakers he designed for the company just last year, with the added bonus of detachable wings. Scott told Women’s Wear Daily that we can expect the scent to invoke “white towels freshly laundered on a summer’s day,” with a hint of what might be “incense, white pepper, and cashmere wood.” Just like the sneakers that inspired it, the fragrance mixes fleet-footed athleticism with a dash of Greek mythology realness added for good measure.

Though it is but the latest piece of Jeremy Scott designed precision for Adidas, this new scent is only Scott’s second foray into the world of fragrances. His first was the much lauded ‘Toy’ for Moschino, a scent that came packaged inside a teddy bear. It is next to impossible to predict what could be coming next from the zanily inspired mind of Scott, but we are relishing the thought of any kind of scent from the man who brought us McDonald’s inspired couture.

Jeremy Scott’s scent for Adidas will be available in February, for $105

Photography by Inez & Vinoodh

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