Watch Unseen 80's Talking Heads Concert

Never, and we mean never, underestimate the magical powers of the Internet. As a completely unexpected and rather savory treat, it’s been revealed that a never before seen concert from the legendary Talking Heads has somehow made its way online. Can we get a collective funky ‘hell to the yeah’?

Recorded during a 1980 show at New Jersey’s Capitol Theatre, the video offers an unprecedented look into an already formidable band at the height of their powers. Talking Heads’ live material has become immortalized in their concert film/live album Stop Making Sense, but this new footage was recorded a full four years before that mammoth tour was even conceived for the stage. While that experience is marked by their utter mastery of performance, this new footage is just as enjoyable for the opposite reasons. This viewing of frontman David Byrne unleashing his signature awkward jerks and twitches is decidedly more organic and intimate, giving us a glimpse of Talking Heads before they reached stadium status.

The majority of the material they play at this newfound concert is from their masterwork album Remain in Light, which would have been released shortly before this concert was performed. At this point in Talking Heads’ trajectory, they had begun to branch out from their punk roots and move into the territory of new wave with a large dose of world music influence. Finding this never before seen concert footage is not just a treat for the devoted Talking Heads fans out there, it heralds an 80-minute, feelgood boogiefest for anyone who needs to brighten their day.

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