Riff Raff Will Be Your Prom Date For $28K

[Riff-Raff’s](✓&search=riff+raff) alter ego Jody Highroller has auctioned himself off via Instagram, offering to take one lucky high schooler to prom. The package includes: seven days of full Twitter and Instagram promotion letting the world know that neon icon Jody Highroller is taking your ass to prom. The couple will be rolling through in a Lambo, guaranteed to make you a sheer legend at your high school. There were also be an abundance of opportunities to shoot hilarious freestyle videos and photographs to remember during this everlasting night. Oh and as for after-prom? You and the 223 lb. Jody Highroller will be partying in town’s best penthouse suite, where God knows what will happen.

You must be 18 years or older.

As this all sounds insanely creepy, there is a huge possibility that going to prom with Jody Highroller will be the best thing anyone’s ever done, maybe even in history. The ad doesn’t specify a gender preference, which means it must be fair game for all the curious boys and girls out there. So if you’ve got the dough, take him! What else do you have to lose—besides your dignity perhaps?

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