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Harmony Korine Paints Weird Stuff Too

For all of you die-hard Harmony Korine fans out there anxiously awaiting a new visual ride from the cult director, there just so happens to be a few pieces by him on display at the Beverley Hills Gagosian. The man known for illuminating the depraved, the wild, and the underage has been working on a different form of art for some time. His exhibition titled Raiders, features the creator’s paintings, a product of his desire to just make things.

Of course, Korine’s materials are not those of your standard artist, ditching the paintbrush for squeegees dipped in left over household paint, Korine takes a youthful approach to his work. His other instruments include brooms, masking tape, bubble wrap and plastic. Essentially Korine’s materials are all things to be found in the common household, or as he told Dazed, “It’s easy to access those materials in basements and janitor’s closets.”

The pieces express a certain liveliness and play colorfully with lines created by brooms, and imprints from his squeegee. Some phantom-like creatures or animals can be found beneath the surface of some, much like the dark qualities that hide in the background of Korine’s films. Bottom-line, seeing Harmony Korine produce paintings is a treat for true fans to indulge in.

The exhibit will be on display at the Beverley Hills Gagosian until January 31st, 2015

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