FKA twigs suspends Herself in New Video

The ‘bizarre’ tab of your favorite Internet porn site may have inspired FKA Twig’s latest music video, ‘Pendulum’. 2014’s newest singer-songwriter just released her debut album, LP1, in August, and since then, her music videos keep getting more cerebral and more surreal. For ‘Pendulum’, think of J-Lo in that 2000 sci-fi murder mystery The Cell — now replace the psychological disturbance with unadulterated sexy and you’ve got FKA twigs suspended by her own braids. FKA is tied up, hanging in the air, wrapped in a straight jacket of her own hair, all while managing to sing in an ethereal falsetto. If thats not enough, she directed the video herself! An important side note and toast to FKA: in ‘Pendulum’, she is tied up by herself. Music journalist Kate Beaudoin puts its perfectly in a feminist approach to ‘Pendulum’ for "And it isn’t her body that’s on display, it’s her vulnerability." With that, FKA is not representing herself as a sexualized object, but as an experience. ‘Pendulum’ is worth a stare.

As a singer, writer, dancer, producer and director, FKA Twigs is a multitalented artist in control of her own own image. Cheers to a woman in power! Check the rest of her self-directed videos here. And if you happen to be in Japan, Australia, London or France, don’t miss her live.

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