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Star Wars: A New Font

Swiss Star Wars, a project by Argentinian designer Fernando Carabassa, retells cinema’s most epic and universally fan-crazed intergalactic saga via posters that are nothing short of typographic eye-candy. The artwork stays true to the film’s 70’s roots, with groovy colors and swirling words, however the project’s main star, (move aside Luke Skywalker), is the design world’s favorite, Helvetica.

The original Star Wars logo, created by Suzy Rice, used Helvetica Black, which to the untrained eye can look a bit similar, but it really isn’t at all. Carabassa decided to throw those extra loud block letters out of the picture, and replaced them with lettering that’s a bit softer, featuring famous quotes from the film along with a little backstory to refresh your memory.

Posters like “It’s a Trap,” provide an explanation of one of Star Wars’ many ubiquitous phrases. This one just so happens to be Admiral Ackbar’s line during the Battle of Endor in Return of the Jedi. “The Empire Strikes Back” poster includes the legendary opening lines of the very first Star Wars film, which some of you may even have memorized. If you don’t, here’s a hint, “A long time ago…in a galaxy far far away…”

Carabassa’s graphic-less posters are a bold homage to a film that is destined to live forever. Star Wars marathon anyone?

Images Courtesy of Fernando Carabassa

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