Milk X Intel's 'Real Sense' Turns You Into Stars

Have you ever pictured yourself as nebulae, sand, or actual snow? Earlier this month at Las Vegas, Nevada’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that fantasy became a reality for those in attendance. The concept of an immersive 3D sensing corridor that visualized conference attendees in an alternate reality on screen was devised by Milk Studios and LEGS Media for Intel’s main booth experience at CES, a task completed with the assistance of LEGS’ Kirby McClure and Patten Studio.

The screens, which ran alongside the walls of a tunnel, provided an immersive experience that served as a testament that a future where we can interact with our computers more intuitively is nearer than ever. "We were excited to create a space where anyone could traverse a 100ft corridor and see a realtime visualization of themselves on screen the whole way," said Milk’s own Rey Peralta. Unlike past 3D programs which are usually one-person-only, these screens created a giant experience that could be shared in real time with other people, making life feel more Tron-like than you have ever imagined. Rey continued, "To do that we used 84 RealSense cameras working in a multi-camera array to essentially create one giant camera that tracked users anywhere in space along our 100ft wall. In the end it created a magical experience for everyone who attended."

And while it’s cool to see yourself reimagined as particles of sand, there’s nothing more gratifyingly surreal than to see yourself as the makeup of space (although Carl Sagan would correct us and say we already are the makeup of space, but regardless…). Not only that but you could also “potentially [destroy] the universe with your hands,” as The Next Web tweeted. You can destroy what you become…the philosophical chills are running up and down our spines!

The walls and Intel demos weren’t only incredible experiences, but they were also testaments to how far technology has come, bringing us closer and closer to the near future The Jetsons predicted (although we’re still waiting for foldable cars). Not only were the walls also used as a backdrop for an original performance of Led Zeppelin’s classic ‘Kashmir,’ performed by Zoe Keating, and Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich’s keynote speech, but Time Magazine also named Intel’s booth the most eye-catching one at CES and really it’s no surprise…who hasn’t dreamt of not only traveling to space, snow, and the desert in a matter of minutes, but also of becoming a different sort of species all together? With RealSense being more than human becomes a reality, and when that means being made up of stars or galaxies who would pass that up?

Imagery courtesy of LEGS Media

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