Breathe easy millennials: Mars to get Internet

With the idea that humans are very near to relocating to Mars, scientists and entrepreneurs want to make sure priorities are met. Meaning: Elon Musk has plans to set up Internet in the red planet, so you’ll be able to continue snapping pics of your meals for Instagram and sending Snapchats of your cat even on Mars. You can breathe easy millennials, there will be no #firstworldproblems in another world.

Musk is CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, as well as being the cofounder of PayPal, so we guess his credentials are pretty adequate to make this vision a reality. As he told Bloomberg Businessweek, “It will be important for Mars to have a global communications network as well…I think this needs to be done, and I don’t see anyone else doing it.”

The ETA for the project is a minimum of five years, while another plan to put people on Earth’s sister planet has a goal of 10 – 12, so for anyone saving up to own property, your options are becoming more ample. Wanna continue your Netflix binge on another location of the Solar System? Possible…you’ll just have to wait longer than the slowest WiFi connection. And while the idea sounds interesting (albeit a bit WTF tbh), Mars internet might help us solve the million-dollar question: is there life on Mars?

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