Officially announced via their Kickstarter ad, TLC is set to go back in the studio to work on their final album after 10 years. However, the girls, Chili and T-Boz (RIP Left-eye) are in need of some help from their loyal fans to make this album a reality. Not only just crowd sourcing, TLC is showing their patrons some serious love with dozens of opportunities to win some crazy, sexy, cool prizes.

Some of the major rewards at stake are the chances to win a late night, no rules slumber party in LA with T-Boz, or one in ATL with Chili for a pledge of $5,000 or more. If sleepovers aren’t quite your thing, then try pledging $7,500 to be part of a fun photo shoot with TLC.

Though these numbers are out of reach for some, it hasn’t stopped fans from giving to the cause. In just one day, the ladies managed to raise a third of their $150,000 target goal, leaving them with two months to reach the rest. With that much support in just a single day, surely this new album will be in the works soon, but it has been confirmed that there will not be any post-humous Left-Eye appearances, sorry guys!

For those of you out there who can’t shell out the g’s but still want a piece of the action, there is hope. With a pledge of $15 or more you can receive a digital download of the album, along with a chance to enter your vote for which TLC track you want to see remixed on the upcoming album. And, for a pledge of $50 dollars, donors will get a copy of TLC’s Dance Moves, a video tutorial teaching you how to do that "Creep" sway in your silk jammies.

Check out their Kickstarter here to show your support, and check out all the other TLC swag available.

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