Björk Releases Leaked Album Now

So remember last week when we were fangirling all over the new Björk album set to release in March? Well forget about that, cause Vulnicura is out now. The album leaked just a few days after Björk made her Instagram announcement, leaving the Icelandic artist with no choice but to release it. Thanks a lot internet!

Only three hours ago Björk wrote another social media note, this time via her Facebook announcing Vulnicura’s availability. In a brief letter to her fans, Björk digs into Vulnicura calling it a heartbreak album:

"i guess i found in my lap one year into writing it a complete heartbreak album . kinda surprised how thoroughly i had documented this in pretty much accurate emotional chronology …. like 3 songs before a break up and three after"

According to Björk this album taught her how biological the process of dealing with heartbreak is, making it a ubiquitous truth she wishes to share with her fans.

She continues: "…first i was worried it would be too self indulgent but then i felt it might make it even more universal . and hopefully the songs could be a help , a crutch to others and prove how biological this process is : the wound and the healing of the wound . psychologically and physically . it has a stubborn clock attached to it
there is a way out"

For those of you out there who waited for the album to be released before downloading it, you can get your copy of Vulnicura on Itunes. Don’t forget to put Björk on your list of acts to see in June at Governor’s Ball— if you aren’t attending the festival then catch Björk at one of her six intimate shows, recently announced across NYC.

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