Ariel Pink Moonlights as Cab Driver in 'Vagabond'

Imagine you get into a cab only to realize that your driver is none other than Ariel Pink. In Australian filmmaker Johann Rashid’s new short, Vagabond, Mr. Pink makes his acting debut as a taxi driver who drives around LA looking for passengers.

The film will debut on January 24th at the Sugar Mountain festival in Melbourne and also stars Friends frontwoman and all-around-babe Samantha Urbani as a lady of the night, and Tim Koh, bassist of Pink’s band, who claims to be homeless and unemployed. What’s notable about this short film is that the three musicians play so well at being actors that it makes us wonder, or at the very least dream, whether a longer length project might be in the works (please, please!).

There’s something nostalgic yet comical about this film, which can also be said about Pink’s music, not to mention that smoking cigarettes in the long-maned singer’s car is allowed – an automatic + 10 on our books. Move over Travis Bickle, there’s a new taxi driver.

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