Art Disaster: King Tut's Broken Beard Fiasco

Well someone’s in trouble. The trusty staff at Cairo’s Egyptian Museum decided to take matters into their own hands when a cleaning of King Tut’s 3,300 year old burial mask went negligently wrong. The pharaoh’s blue braided beard accidently broke off, and instead of informing the Ministry of Antiquities like they should have, the head of the renovations team Elham Abdelrahman called her husband, another museum employee to help. Abdelrahman’s husband came to the rescue, wielding some household epoxy glue, which he used to reattach the pharaoh’s fallen beard.

What they thought was smart and quick thinking, resulted in a totally botched repair. The glue noticeably leaked onto the pharaoh’s chin due to sloppy application, and what happens next is even worse. In consequence of trying to scrape off the excess glue, the workers scratched King Tut’s golden, and jewel-encrusted face.

Even more disturbing news is that this event took place in October 2014, making it three months since anyone noticed the unsightly damage caused to King Tut’s mask. The layer of transparent yellow glue sits brightly beneath his chin, however it has been confirmed that the epoxy ruin can be reversed. Thank the Gods!

It’s been rumored that the Tutankhamun exhibit is set to move to the Grand Egyptian Museum, arranged to open in 2018. We can only hope that King Tut and all of his belongings will be in better hands there.

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