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London’s Life In Film have been charming U.K and European audiences since they formed in Hackney a handful of years ago. The band — Samuel Fry (vocals/guitars), Edward Ibbotson (guitars), Dominic Sennett (bass) and Micky Osment (drums) — have since cemented their status as a rousing live band with a string of sold out dates across the U.K and Europe and collaborated with Burberry. They release their first single, Get Closer, in the US on Tuesday on +1 Records, with their debut album Here It Comes due in spring.

Here It Comes — studded with modern indie-pop songs that fuse catchy melodies with introspective lyrics — was produced by legendary producer Stephen Street (The Smiths, Morrissey, Blur, Babyshambles, The Kaiser Chiefs) and inspired by relationships and the band’s everyday lives in London. They cite Get Closer, written over a few hours in a flat they shared one summer, as one of the best examples of their writing style.

“I suppose a lot of our songs sound quite upbeat, but most of them have a sadder story behind them,” says Fry.

“We don’t really try to do it, it’s just a nice juxtaposition that we’ve established between the four of us and that’s probably the most distinguishing feature about what we do. I suppose we’ve been through a lot of songs – we’ve written and lot and played a lot and rehearsed a lot over the years – so anything that’s on the album means a lot and has a lot of significance to us because it’s risen above other songs and ideas we’ve had. We’ve really whittled it down to the songs that resonate emotionally with us and that’s why it’s so personal and why we’re so proud of it.”

Life In Film will tour the States later in 2015 to coincide with the release of Here It Comes. Check out the playlist they’ve curated especially for Milk Made!

Photography by Mitchell McLennan

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