Cara Delevingne Stars in New Chance the Rapper Video

We had pretty good evidence before, but now it is official. Cara Delevingne is literally taking over the entire entertainment industry. Her latest conquest arrived in a form that is a significant step into new territory, alternative rap to be precise, as she has been revealed as the star of an upcoming music video from none other than Chance the Rapper.

Though only a teaser has been supplied, Delevingne showcases both raw acting talent and Old Hollywood glamour in the video titled ‘Nothing Came to Me.’ Minimalism is practiced in excess as the entire teaser consists of a single shot of Delevingne in an emotional reaction to some supposedly bad news. Even stranger is the lack of any real music other than background instrumentation, and if Chance the Rapper’s name weren’t attached we would have no indication of it’s hip hop association.

This is the first new music from Chance the Rapper since 2013’s stellar Acid Rap, and the first of his releases with backing band ‘The Social Experiment.’ But this makes for but the latest addition in Delevingne’s foray into the music world. She just wrapped up a musical collaboration with Pharrell, featured in a Chanel ad nonetheless, and will also be launching her film career with the expected results coming later this year. We can’t help but wonder if she even sleeps.

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