World's Biggest Weed Museum Opens This Week

It looks like we have yet another piece of evidence supporting the claim that Europe is actually just DisneyLand for adults. A museum is opening in Barcelona, Spain this Friday that will officially hold the record for the largest museum dedicated solely to marijuana on the planet. Please pause for a celebratory toke and then continue reading.

It’s called the Hash Marihuana Canamo & Hemp Museum, and it is a project made possible by Dutch entrepreneur Ben Dronkers. Dronkers is also founder of a similarly titled museum in Amsterdam, aka the drug haven of Europe. Unlike the Netherlands, marijuana is still illegal in Spain, but this museum seems to be the definitive pot learning experience, and not just because it happens to be housed in a historic 15th century palace.

The museum will be host to a wealth of cannabic artifacts, from pipes used to smoke hemp through the centuries to paintings depicting such activities. Not everything is quite so old, as other items on display include pulp novels warning against the evils of ‘the root from hell’ from the 1940’s to a pair of Adidas running shoes made from hemp. Yet for all the intellectual stimulation, the museum knows who it’s audience will be, which is why there will be things like an interactive vaporizing exhibit. It opens on Friday, so look no further for a destination for that 4/20 Spring Break trip.

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