Inside Craig & Karl's 13 Ton Candy Road

Those of us that grew up playing Candy Land and wishing more than anything for it to be a reality just had their childhood dreams come true. Courtesy of our friends Craig & Karl, a street in Chengdu, China was remodeled and repaved with a mouthwatering 13 metric tons of candy. Arrayed in patterns of panda bears and flowers in the instantly recognizable style only Craig & Karl can execute, the project was undertaken as a celebration of the Chinese New Year, officially kicking off on February 19th.

Craig & Karl are good friends of ours at Milk, having collaborated with us for Made Fashion Week this past fall. Milk Made spoke to Craig about the inconceivable project to learn some details of its construction, such as the fact that it covers over 600 feet in length and over 20 feet wide. “It’s pretty bewildering,” he told us, “each piece of the candy was individually wrapped by color, and seeing each of the plastic squares like that…it just makes for a great blanket of color.” Indeed, it is no surprise that a design undertaken by Craig & Karl would result in dynamic uses of color, it has become something of a signature for the pair. “I think it was a good match for our style,” said Craig, “We’re two deeply cynical people with a very celebratory aesthetic, and this is a pretty celebratory work.”

The ‘candy road’ was constructed by a group made up entirely of volunteers, a healthy 2,000 of them, solidifying the utterly epic proportions of this undertaking. It will be held on display until the New Year, so if anyone has the time for a 24 hour flight to Chengdu, we highly recommend you go ring in the Year of the Goat in style.

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