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Marc Jacobs x Zana Bayne's Hot Valentine’s Day Collab

This Valentine’s Day Marc Jacobs is adding some dangerous kink to the bedroom. Teaming up with Zana Bayne, Made Fashion Week alumni and master of the leather harness, the two have created some extra naughty gifts. Modeled by Ali Michael, the capsule collection is bondage heavy and almost too sexy. Featuring pierced nipple pasties in Marc Jacobs’ signature heart shape, embellished blindfolds, freaky tassels, studded collars, and tight handcuffs it’s time to lay down the law when someone’s being very, very bad.

In conversation with i-D, Bayne discusses the opportunity’s apt circumstance, ‘Seeing as my work with leather takes some aesthetic cues from elements of fetish, a high fashion take on sex toys has always been a consideration – but the timing had never been right to develop the thought further.’ This timing, of course perfect for Valentine’s Day, also sits well with the highly anticipated release of 50 Shades of Grey, premiering in theaters on the sultriest day of the year. The film, based off of the titillating novel that’s been buzzing for the last three years is most well known for it’s erotic sex scenes, with fetishism being its dominating concept. So, if you’re unsure of what to do this Valentine Day, just follow this simple equation:

Marc Jacobs x Zana Bayne + 50 Shades of Grey = one helluva night.

Visit Marc Jacob’s website to snag these spanking hot goodies.

Photography by Todd Pendu

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