The Sundance hit that was filmed on an iPhone 5

Tangerine – titled for the dominant saturated orange color in the film – is one of the critically-acclaimed hits at Sundance Film Festival this year. Interestingly, it was not shot with a traditional camera, but with three iPhones.

There was more to Tangerine than just recording a video on an iPhone 5s, though―not to crush your amateur filmmaking dreams. The necessary tools include Filmic Pro (an app that only costs $8), a Steadicam to avoid shakiness, and anamorphic adapter lenses by Moondog Labs. Editing skills and sufficient knowledge of filmmaking are also very important.

The piece follows two transgender prostitutes in the seedy parts of Hollywood, one of which just gets out of jail and finds out her pimp boyfriend was not faithful to her during her 28 days in the slammer. Sin-Dee and her best friend, Alexandra, travel through LA neighborhoods and try to shed some light on the rumor. Did we mention it’s also Christmas Eve?

According to an interview with The Verge, what inspired Sean Baker, writer and director, and his co-writer Chris Bergoch, was a story about transgender woman who was livid when she found out her boyfriend slept with a biological female, and also a donut shop near Baker’s house on a sketchy part of Santa Monica Boulevard. The two writers met one of the actresses, Mya Taylor, at an LBGT center, and she introduced them to her co-star Kiki Kitana Rodriguez. Other casts members include Karren Karagulian, Mickey O’Hagan, Alla Tumanian, and James Ransone.

Tangerine is still playing, you can find the info [here](, but there is a waitlist.

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