ICYMI: Jeremy Scott Won Last Night’s Superbowl

Our fave Made Fashion Week designer Jeremy Scott mastered Superbowl half-time show getups with his trademark wild designs for Katy Perry’s blowout act. The spectacle, featuring four rapid costume changes in ten minutes, took viewers for a monstrous ride on a mechanical lion’s blazing back and dropped them off on a tropical beach scene—dancing sharks included.

The entire show was the sort of fun you’d expect from Jeremy Scott, with the cheeky retro-inspired beach ball ensemble to the leather flame look, which was of course inspired by Scott’s flame handles Adidas sneakers. The Superbowl has seriously stepped up the half-time show costume game. In the custom Moschino finale dress, Katy Perry looked like a Vegas diva saturated in celestial glitter, just the kind of pop culture we love. The best part is, and another reason why we love Jeremy Scott so much, is that his epic wardrobe contribution was done purely from the heart. In an interview with WWD, Scott was asked about his compensation, his response is beautiful: ‘I didn’t ask to be compensated. I did it as a gift out of friendship.’ Gosh, isn’t he just a gem?

And of course, if you can’t wait to see more from JScott, don’t forget to check out our Made Fashion Week coverage, which starts in just 10 days! Get ready guys.

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