Mean Girls The Videogame: Coming to an iPhone Near You

It’s been over ten years since Tina Fey blessed us with Mean Girls, the pop culture phenomena that still has us trying to make fetch happen. Its’ immortality has been ensured thanks to a wide array of inspired homages, with everything from merchandise to memes (and an ill-advised sequel, but it can’t sit with us), but the latest entry in this catalog may be one of the most exciting pieces of memorabilia yet. This year, coming to an iPhone near you, is Mean Girls: The Video Game.

The brainchild of the fittingly named So Much Drama Studios, the game is described as a ‘tiara-defense’ game, one that allows users to play as the original cast fighting against rival cliques of ‘plastics.’ Jeff Meador, president of the studio, has said on their website that the game will be much like the film in that it will feature “the quirky humor, hilarious lines, peppermint foot cream, and yes, the Burn Book,” all of the essential elements that make the original film so priceless.

For any skeptics out there quick to say “Boo, you whore”, know that this same video game studio developed Dragopolis, an iOS game version of RuPaul’s Drag Race, which leaves quite a surplus of fierce and fabulous. No official release date has been assigned, but the game is slated for ‘early 2015,’ meaning it could literally be any day now until your free time is spent playing as a cartoon version of Regina George. We know exactly what we’ll be doing for every future subway ride once that day comes.

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