Eddie Murphy Returns To SNL After 31 Years

This may just be the reunion show to end all reunion shows. After a too long 31-year absence, Eddie Murphy is set to return to [SNL](✓&search=snl), the place where the man first started gaining recognition as one of America’s funniest comedic acts. His last SNL appearance was on December 15th, 1984, where he hosted an episode after already leaving the cast. This time around, scheduled to air on February 15th, Murphy will be back on the SNL stage for its 3-hour 40th anniversary special. The show’s anniversary special will also be accompanied by an immersive exhibit, titled Saturday Night Live: The Exhibition at Premiere on 5th this spring.

Other cast members, (only slightly less exciting) set to join are Paul Simon, Kanye, [Taylor Swift](✓&search=taylor+swift), [Justin Timberlake](✓&search=justin+timberlake), and [Paul McCartney](✓&search=paul+mccartney). We can only hope that other rad SNL veteran’s will be on the scene, but we’ll just have to tune at 8PM Sunday the 15th to find out!

Being that we’re stoked to see the deliriously funny Eddie Murphy back in action, we’ve rounded up a few of his best skits yet. Take a look, and try to save some of those laughs for his SNL comeback.

  1. Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood

This Mr. Rogers spoof gets real weird. Eddie Murphy is a little too good at playing that creepy, pervy guy next-door spreadin’ that neighborly love. Looking back, this character may have been the inspiration for Family Guy’s Quagmire. Yikes!

  1. Celebrity Hot Tub Party

Eddie’s got the character acting on lock, and his James Brown impersonation is just too good in this one. Those moves, that hair, and the sparkly purple robe, you can almost foresee Charlie Murphy’s Rick James impersonation on the Chappelle Show nearly 20 years later.

  1. Christmas Toys

According Christmas toy correspondent, Eddie Murphy plays celebrity doll matchmaker. Don’t the Brooke Shields doll and the Mr. T doll make a lovely couple?

  1. White Like Me

In this episode Eddie Murphy puts himself at serious risk as he explores racial inequality in America whilst undercover as a white man. The result? Some funny ass shit.

  1. Buh-Weet Sings

Oh but how could we forget sweet, sweet Buh-Weet. Based on the character Buckwheat Thomas from The Little Rascals, Murphy plays a grown up Buckwheat with the same adorable speech impediment. Singing with “O-tays” and all, this skit is morbidly cute and goddamn hilarious.

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