Chromatics Scoring Ryan Gosling's Insane New Film

Part of what made the recent cult classics Drive and Only God Forgives so memorable, aside from the beauty of Ryan Gosling and his face, was their ability to mesh scenes of brutal violence with striking visuals and pulsing 80’s synth soundtracks, a combination that inevitably cemented the films for better or worse as staples of the new millennium’s art house. The next chapter in this saga has arrived, and it’s coming from none other than Ryan Gosling himself.

Lost River marks Gosling’s directorial debut, which he also co-wrote and co-produced. A trailer was recently released that reveals very little of a rather enigmatic plot and one hell of a cast, which includes Gosling’s Drive co-star and Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks, Dr. Who’s Matt Smith, Saoirse Ronan, and even Gosling’s girlfriend and baby mama Eva Mendes. Seeing the ensemble work their way around a Lynchian dreamscape is enough to make us excited, but that’s only half of it.

Yesterday the synth pop supergroup Chromatics shared a slew of tracks that will be appearing in the film, and that frontman Johnny Jewel will be scoring the entirety of the film’s soundtrack. Chromatics previously had a song featured in Drive, which essentially means that this new film will be like Drive 2.0 mixed with the most colorful of Ryan Gosling’s nightmares. Saying we’re excited is an understatement, saying we’ll be fangirling in the aisles of the movie theatre is a more accurate assessment of our feelings about the project.

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