Literal Thumb-Drives are the Coolest/ Grossest Thing

If the art world has taught us anything this week, it’s that mixing art and puns can produce magical things. Thumb-drives have become so associated with the USB technology that it is quite easy to miss the idiom that lies within its’ name. However, it did not slip by Toronto based conceptual photographer Justin Poulsen, who has unveiled an entire line of hyper realistic, literal thumb-drives.

Created as a promotional vehicle for his portfolio, the Thumb-Drives have spread like wildfire, and for good reason. Every care has been undertaken to ensure the lifelike quality of each thumb cast form Poulsen’s own hand, from the variance of color in each nail to the dried blood encircling the USB drive jutting out one end. While faux severed thumbs may seem an odd way to promote one’s personal brand, Poulsen has spearheaded this campaign with the phrase ‘Stick out like a sore thumb,’ showcasing his unique ability to capture realism in photographs and realism in his hand sculpted oddities.

The clever simplicity of the Thumb-Drives is offset by the sheer grotesquerie on display, but as Poulsen highlights in a making-of video, it’s all just a damn good display of makeup and painting. Is it gross? Yes, most definitely, but who wouldn’t want the sheer thrill of seeing a human thumb sticking out of their laptop?

Images courtesy of Justin Poulsen

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