Most WTF Moments from the 2015 Grammy's

Kristen Wiig was an absolute shock and absolutely killed it as Sia's latest dancer
Have a feel gang. Miley and Katy got a whole lot closer than we knew
Madonna may be pushing 60, but that ass is pure 30 year old
Pharrell shows that he is not perpetually chipper, see: Taylor Swift.
The temptation for Kanye to have a word proved great, but he inevitably chose to spare Beck

As the annual four hour long concert dispersed with a few minutes of people thanking other people that we call the Grammys came to a close last night, it was apparent that there were a wealth of moments far more entertaining than the actual telecast. Though ‘music’s biggest night’ of course had its’ fair share of great performances (lookin at you Kanye + Rihanna + Sir Paul), the moments from the evening that we’re still talking about are the ones where got a glimpse of our favorite musicians engaging in the humorous, shade-throwing shenanigans that are the stuff of our most vivid daydreams. Without further ado, here are our picks for the Most WTF Moments from the 2015 Grammys.

5. Kristen Wiig is Sia’s Latest Interpretive Dancer

In the videos and performances surrounding Sia’s latest release, the Australian singer has created a carousel of celebrity guests to help interpret her material for her, from Shia LaBeouf to Lena Dunham to of course Maddie Ziegler, the little girl from Dance Moms. Kristen Wiig is but the latest and frankly most surprising entry on this list as the contender for funniest woman alive took to the Grammy stage to modern dance in front of Sia with Dance Moms Girl in tow. Outside of the occasional SNL skit, Wiig has never gotten the chance to show off her dancing chops, but now that most of the world knows her skills, we’re ready for her to launch her choreography career. Perhaps a musical number in the new Ghostbusters film?

4. Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry Getting to Second Base

Like the best WTF moments in life, this picture qualifies because we have no clue what in the hell is going on in this photo. Seemingly taken mid-telecast on a commercial break, this fantastic image side-by-side image appeared of Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry taking turns holding each other’s breasts. Miley looks elated to be balancing Katy’s luscious lady lumps, but what makes this moment so truly special is Katy’s look of confused shock as she latches onto Miley. What could be causing this concern? Is Miley not up to Ms. Perry’s mammary standards? Regardless, it made for one of our favorite portraits of the evening, one that encapsulates the fun of female friendships and the importance of breast screenings.

3. Madonna Moons the World

In tandem with her latest video release for the new single ‘Living for Love,’ Queen Madge arrived on the Grammy red carpet and later performed in a Givenchy ensemble designed to evoke the illustrious costume of a matador. One big difference however is that most matadors wear pants while bullfighting, while Madonna made it abundantly clear that she was not. Giving the world a flash of that booty as she entered the Grammys was not that surprising given her track record, but it’s still inherently amusing to see her getting down and dirty regardless of her age. Mama dripped full on Moulin Rouge realness, and we’re kind of super into it. Seeing her fight shirtless men in bejeweled bull masks was just an added bonus.

2. Pharrell Does Not Approve of Taylor Swift’s Dancing

Taylor Swift is like the younger sister at a high school house party; it’s her house so it’s not like anyone can kick her out, so the entire party has to deal with her dancing like a lunatic in the corner hopped up on too much sugar. Though no one could possibly dismiss Taylor from the awards show, that doesn’t mean that her antics had to be met with a smiling face. In a perfectly timed and captured Vine, we have first hand evidence that Pharrell of all people will not be putting up with her overly excited dancing. In that cold glare he throws her, we suddenly see a man that is not consistently ‘Happy’ like his song may suggest, but one who has seen too much bullshit in his life to possibly put up with that shit.

1. Kanye (Almost) Repeats History

As orange pajama clad Prince announced the Album of the Year award winner, the entire world was genuinely shocked. We did not hear him say Queen of Planet Earth Beyonce, but in a true upset the winner was alternative rock god Beck. As the meek-mannered Beck began to ascend the podium, we suddenly see a sprinting blur trying to surpass him to the microphone. The blur is Kanye, and the world waits with bated breath to see history repeat itself; to see Kanye the Crusader announce his true champion. Both Jay-Z and Beyonce looked on aghast as he edged closer to the mic, and even Beck, seeing what was about to happen, gladly stepped aside and gestured for Kanye to go take a moment. But at the last second, Ye changed his mind and with a grin shrugged off his decision and vanished in the twinkle of an eye. History may not have repeated itself, but the moment was quite simply, priceless.

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