FKA Twigs' Name Subject To Change, Again

Hater alert— the Good sisters are back at it again. Best known, not for their music, but for successfully forcing FKA Twigs into changing her name from plain old Twigs back in April 2014—these ladies are still unhappy with the singer’s moniker. The Chicago based sisters, Laura and Linda Good have been in a pop duo called The Twigs since the 90’s, apparently trademarking their name. Finding FKA Twigs to still be in violation of their trademark policy, the Goods are looking to sue FKA again. Their rationale? Tahlia Barnett’s (FKA Twigs) use of FKA, the acronym for Formerly Known As, means that she had to once be known as Twigs, which the sisters claim the rights to. But hold on, Twigs versus The Twigs are two completely different things, right?

The Twigs have been after FKA since 2013. In an e-mail between the combatants, Barnett offered the Good sisters $15,000 if they’d allow for their clearly different names to co-exist. The sisters rejected this offer, filing a restraining order against FKA Twigs and her label Beggars Group. The parties resulted in court where FKA and her label argued that bands like Dinosaur Jr.—formerly Dinosaur, and Blink-182—formerly Blink, have changed their names by adding just a a few syllables more in order to distinguish themselves with no trouble in the past. The lawsuit was then withdrawn without prejudice, meaning the sisters could sue again, and well, well, well, it looks like it’s happening. The Goods are seeking a hefty financial agreement, or else.

What does our girl FKA Twigs have to say about all this? As stated in an interview with Dazed, ‘The only way I won’t have to change my name is if they say that I don’t have to. And they’re not gonna say that. I’m not angry, but I do feel sad about it. It’ll be fine. I might call myself FKA tree trunk. Or FKA baby branches. Or IRL twigs.’

While this situation is just really petty on the Good sisters behalf, IRL Twigs actually sounds really, really dope. Good luck FKA—we’ll still love you no matter name you take on!

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