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Astrid Andersen: Stateside at Last

Redefining modern masculinity through luxury sportswear with hip-hop accents, Danish born and London based Astrid Andersen will be making her [MADE Fashion Week]( http://www.milkmade.com/articles/3383-Made-Fashion-Week-FW15-Schedule-IS-HERE-#.VNkjNULTabA) debut showing her bespoke collection—February furs included. The designer separated her FW ’15 collection into two parts, choosing to show her mainline in London last month, while saving up some special goodies for her first ever New York presentation. Prior to the highly anticipated event, we caught up with Astrid Andersen, and made a few discoveries about the designer—such as her interest in menswear and her longing to dress Andre3000.

Can you tell us about your debut bespoke line?

This is the first time I have separated the line into two parts. The main line which I showed during London Collections Men in January and this bespoke part that I will show in NY. I have always had fur coats and other premium wear incorporated into the brand and this season I just wanted to really highlight this aspect of the brand by doing two separate shows.

You just had a show in London, which is where you usually host your runway shows. What made you want to take the New York leap?

For the bespoke line we show a lot of fur and I felt New York is the perfect match for this market. What I do for the bespoke line I feel somehow has it’s roots aesthetically from American urban culture, so it was only logical to bring it over and show it in New York, almost as an homage you could say. A source of inspiration that is constant and influential should be incorporated into the brand in some shape or form and I’m extremely grateful that we have been able to do it this way.

What’s been the biggest difference between working on your namesake line and the new line?

It’s not really all that different to be honest. The main thing is the amazing processes of putting endless hours into each finish in a way that you very rarely see outside of couture.

You have an incredibly impressive following. If you could dress anyone – alive or dead – who would you choose and why?

Every time I see a new person, on the street or in a magazine it’s the best feeling. I’m always drawn to and inspired by men that have a strong presence and character. I’ve always wanted to dress Andre3000 because he is the most unique style icon of my generation and he’s changed people’s perceptions about masculinity without them even realizing.

What are you most excited about for your New York debut?

I’m excited because I’m very nervous! To have a whole city that you have been so influenced by watching, taking notes, and forming an opinion about you is very amazing and scary—honestly it’s like a date with a guy you fancy so much but you’re not sure how he feels!

What can you always turn to for inspiration?

My life—it has to come from here. The people I meet, the places I see, and the things I read and hear.

If you could describe your line with one song which one would it be and why?

We will play it on Thursday so I’m not going to spoil that moment. ☺

In three words describe what we can expect from your NY show.

Current luxury moods.

Astrid Andersen is showing at [MADE Fashion Week]( http://www.milkmade.com/articles/3383-Made-Fashion-Week-FW15-Schedule-IS-HERE-#.VNkjNULTabA) on February 12th at 7PM.

Photography by Hans Zeuthen

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