John Kerry to Appoint Openly Gay U.S. Diplomat

Finally, a government decision we can whole-heartedly get behind. The U.S. State Department has announced that Secretary of State John Kerry is adamant about appointing a specifically openly gay diplomat to help improve the rights of the global LGBT community.

The decision to appoint a permanent diplomat, in order to tackle head-on the diminishing rights of gay and lesbian people abroad, was made after a multitude of explicitly anti-gay legislation was recently passed in countries such as Uganda, Nigeria, and Russia.

Mr. Kerry has been a very vocal advocate for the LGBT community and their rights over the years, speaking out against everything from Uganda’s anti-gay legislation that eventually became law, to discouraging Eastern European media from portraying gays in negative ways.

“When Secretary Kerry came here, he made it clear he was looking for new initiatives to make a mark on gay rights,” A statement told to The Independent by a U.S. State Department spokesperson. “He reminded everyone that one of the first bills he introduced as a senator was gay rights legislation and that his very last speech as a senator included words on this very issue.”

While Kerry has not revealed the name of his emissary, we are excited about this new development. Especially considering the fact that countries like Russia still appoint presidents who make remarks directed towards gay people such as, “you can feel relaxed and calm [in Russia], but leave children alone please.”
This decision is an amazing step forward for a completely under represented community.

Go team America!

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