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Introducing Kalen Hollomon x MADE FW

One of Made Fashion Week’s finest artist collaborators, Kalen Hollomon, will be producing some of his multi-media mashups based on his favorite looks seen this week. Matching his focus on gender and stereotypes with a desire to create new meaning out of pre-established culture-symbols, Kalen experiments with the visual world around him, splicing, cutting and merging. Take a minute to meet our guest, dive into the role humor plays in his work, and discover what happens when the artist tries to cut his own hair.

Following last season’s collaboration with Craig & Karl, Hollomon will be making us some exclusive pieces along with fellow artist Gary Card.

You are New York based, how much of a role does the city play in your art?

The city plays a role for sure. There’s nowhere like New York. The energy and atmosphere makes its way into everything.

What would you say is a recurring theme in your work?

Gender and sexuality.

When did the inspiration to create pieces that serve as culture collisions arise and how did it happen?

I’m generally attracted to cultural symbols and images—brands, personalities, even generic subject matter presented in the most stereotypical way. I try to combine things to give the originals new meaning. Sometimes my work is deliberate and preconceived—often my process is instinctive experimentation.

How much time do you spend flipping through ads, watching films, or just overall scouring for new material? Where do you end up finding the most inspiration?

I’m always looking for new material, constantly flipping through books and magazines, and I love watching movies. I find my best inspiration comes from unexpected places—an unfamiliar magazine in the waiting room at the dentist or maybe a piece of trash on the sidewalk.

Who are some of your favorite pop culture idols?

Tom Cruise, Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton, Batman.

What designers are you most excited to see and become inspired by at Made Fashion Week?

Isa Arfen, Astrid Andersen, I don’t know there’s a really great lineup…Jeremy Scott should be exciting.

Has there ever been a time when you looked at your work and said, “Woah, what the fuck did I just do?” What was it?

Yes for sure! That happens to me twelve times a day. Most recently, it was upon looking in the mirror after I cut my own hair.

What tools do you always keep handy? Is there anything you couldn’t simply live without?

I always have a razor blade and a pen on me. I couldn’t live without a pen, I would go nuts. And shoes, I never take my shoes off.

Looking at your work, you’ve got to have a great sense of humor. Tell us about the role it plays when it comes to making these pieces.

Humor is definitely part of the process in making interesting narratives when putting images together. I think I’m pretty hilarious, but I’m known to tell a joke that takes everyone a little too long to get. It’s usually followed by uncomfortable laughter.

If you could create a living collage or mixed media mash up, what would it be of?

I would hang an LED screen around a dog’s neck that translates and displays his thoughts into words and sentences, then connect a speaker broadcasting the sound of a person eating loudly alone in a diner.

What do you wish for you creations to achieve on a social level?

I would like them to be thought-provoking. Or, an unforgettable life-changing experience that permanently alters the way someone sees the world. ;)

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