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Marissa Webb's Masculin Féminin

For her FW15 Collection, Marissa Webb quite literally meant business. Unleashing an eclectic array of professional womenswear, Webb drew on several pointed influences to present the suiting of the next generation of CEO’s. Heavy coats were cut with the sensibilities of Golden Age Hollywood style, loose-fitting button ups with ties immediately evoked the iconic style of Diane Keaton circa Annie Hall. Yet for all the allusions to women of the past, Webb’s apparel has a flavor distinctly contemporary; perhaps best exemplified in the gender defying pairing of the aforementioned ‘suit and ties’ with sheer skirts. Elsewhere, highlights included the pantsuits built around silky pantaloons and the tops that were constructed with the capability for zipped-on extensions. In Webb’s world, there’s no such thing as male-drive corporate culture, make way for the glorious matriarchy. After her presentation, we asked Marissa for a few details regarding her collection of gender-bending wear.

What was the idea behind this collection?

I wouldn’t take it as just one inspiration, more so it’s a continuation of how the collection always has been which is a blend of the masculine with the feminine, and playing with those masculine/feminine fabrications – mixing it in with the lace, the organza, and the silk, and playing with proportions. So this time I was just calling it ‘Bianca + Boy’s Club,’ because I’m always inspired by menswear and ties. I think I have more bowties than any guy I know. Infusing the two together has always been part of the label, and this time we’re playing more with the proportions of the trousers versus the tops. This fluctuates every season a little bit, but it’s always ‘if it’s large on top maybe it’s less so on the bottom’ – we were really pushing the trousers.

What makes a piece timeless for you?

Well there are many things that makes something timeless: it’s either sentimental or it’s a classic. If it’s sentimental to you then it’s timeless, and if it’s a classic – like that shirt you want to wear every single day and it goes with everything it’s classic. For me personally it’s boyfriend jeans.

For the full summation of the collection, check out our Cheat Sheet

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