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Ohne Titel's Dr. Seuss Colored Wonderland

Taking cues from visual art and incorporating them into the world of clothing makes for a sensory experience to be reckoned with, at least that is what we have learned from the continuously stellar collections from Ohne Titel, aka designers Flora Gill and Alexa Adams. Their FW15 collection took cues from the world of pop art, resulting in a color palette of sumptuously arresting magenta, oranges, and teals. Texture played an equally important role; with a wide spread that ranged from an abundance of fringe to skin tight neoprene to fur from an animal that could only exist in the land of Dr. Seuss. Though visually the collection enveloped us completely, we felt like we could use a little behind the scenes information about the particulars of the pieces, which is why we spoke to the designers to help expound upon the profuse amount of precisely crafted apparel on display.

Your collections are always inspired by an artist, but what went into the aesthetic of this collection?

F: Well this is very longingly made, in the sense that we spent time honing in on specific aspects. We got obsessed with color theory, like really bright immersive colors.

A: The artist that influenced us on this one was Tom Wesselmann, and all from his sense of color. He uses these really bright pop-art tones, but we also loved how he used this kind of plasticized coating that were a bunch of different bright textures. So we wanted to play around with that a lot.

There was also a lot of sparkle in this collection, did he inspire that as well?

F: It was something new for us to play around with sparkles and putting plastic coating on things, very different from anything we’ve tried before.

So let’s talk patterns…I was amazed at the amount of straight lines you had on curved seams.

F: That was taken from space dye knitting, in the sense that it was a highly engineered kind of knitting. But another thing we wanted to show was creating a landscape out of rib.

A: Exactly, we wanted to use the different lines and shapes to create a landscape on the body itself.

Why do you think fashion plays such an important role in our culture?

A: Because fashion is completely about culture. It’s not just part of our culture, it’s like a reflection of where we are now. It holds a mirror up to culture and reflects it through clothing.

F: That’s a very smart answer. I guess I’ll say that’s mine too.

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