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Wes Gordon's Delicate Balance

Though this may have been a collection geared toward the Fall/Winter season, Wes Gordon’s 15 collection was one that evoked the full spectrum of seasons, climaxing in the rapturous blossoms of spring. Gordon is a designer who self identifies as one who thrives on balance, which was a philosophy exemplified nearly everywhere in this collection; cream-colored skirts and delicate flower-adorned dresses were matched with aggressively commanding combat boots, patterns evoking 70’s London were laid on apparel that was pure Brooklyn chic. The variety of fur coats and vests paired with lace up booties made for a stellar wardrobe of Arctic apparel, while a touch of playfulness was present in pieces like the denim trench and accessories like the glittery bandanas. Enthralled by the multifaceted aesthetics of the collection, we spoke to Wes backstage about navigating this balance, as well as his thoughts on having Anna Wintour as a supporter of his brand.

We thought that this was an incredibly eclectic collection, how would you describe it?

This collection was a kind of balance in this woman that we established. A woman of clean DNA with feminine and modern shapes and linear silhouettes. And at the same time, it’s about adding layers of clothes and texture and pushing it from where we’ve been to something a little different. We’re broadening the world of this woman a bit.

The last thing we expected from a Fall/Winter collection was the emphasis on sheer and florals. What inspired that?

The colors, and the flowers, were mostly inspired from an artist named Grillo Demo. He takes these kind of Neo-Classical images and then adds these very painterly flowers on top with swaths of color. It lends a very organic, feminine quality to it, and I wanted to capture that.

You’ve mentioned that your collections are about balance…what is being balanced with this collection?

It’s the same silhouette –one that’s built around a clean, linear shape– and then we contrast that with the fabrics and textures. So even when it’s a different look, it still has a very streamlined, effortless shape. And I just love the idea of a big wool coat over a delicate, chiffon dress with all its intricacies paired with combat boots. I think it has a very cool modern look, I think it’s how women dress.

Is it more nerve-wracking or emboldening to know that Anna Wintour is in the audience for you runway presentation?

Oh god it’s horrifying! It’s so nerve-wracking, but that might also be because I haven’t slept in days. It’s amazing that she came, I’m so flattered and honored. I’ll have to tell my Mom, unless my Mom went up to Anna herself in which case I’ll be even more horrified.

Do you think this collection has a unifying factor?

It does, and I think it’s the way to take beautiful, luxurious materials and integrate them into a modern casual lifestyle. I’ve taken something that could otherwise feel very precious and made it feel very 2015. It’s what we try to do every season, but I think this season is the most that we’ve ever done that.

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