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1/17 — photo by Andrew Boyle



Cushnie et Ochs Make a Powerplay

Walking into a Cushnie et Ochs show we always know we’re going to see a powerful collection for an equally powerful woman, however the ladies behind the brand always keep the element of surprise on high. With a minimalistic white-light wall serving as the backdrop, Cushnie et Ochs presented a collection that struck true to their designs: sleek, razor-sharp cuts arranged in monochromatic manner, from all-pink outfits to a u-cape black dress and matching green pieces layered on top of each other. The collection played with texture; using mesh, suede, and furs as some of the fabrics. With jet-black eyeshadow, slicked-back hair, and gold jewelry, the Cushnie et Ochs woman is still the baddest-bitch-that-gets-shit-done around. I guess it doesn’t hurt that they power strutted in Louboutins.

For a full summation of the collection, check out our Cheat Sheet

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