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1/25 — Photo by Andrew Boyle



The Matrix Kink of Chromat

Every time a Chromat show ends we have the same thought: we have got to get on that kink level. Becca McCharen’s newest collection is a continuation of her architectural BDSM hyper-futuristic scheme, however she still proves we haven’t seen all the tricks up her sleeve. Case in point: latex (lots of it), and the vibes were The Fifth Element meets computers in the 90s, complete with neon green lasers that shot out of nipples and spinal chords. McCharen also gave us more wearable pieces, like rubber dresses and the finest gray leather tops, which were exhibited by models of all shapes and sizes. Chromat proves once again that what she’s selling we’re buying.

For a full summation of the collection, check out our Cheat Sheet

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