A Hot Minute with Gigi Hadid

Our NBA all stars themed party – presented by Made and Maybelline – raged on the roof of Milk Studios last night. Co-hosting the festivities was the ever luminous Gigi Hadid. We caught up with Gigi to talk about her insane schedule, and what we can expect from her as New York Fashion Week continues.

So we hear that you’re enrolled at the New School, how do you fit modeling into your schedule?

It’s a lot about communicating with your counselor and taking their advice. For example right now, with Fashion Week, I won’t have a day off for the next month and a half and haven’t for the past three weeks. I can’t go to school, I just can’t. So I have to take leaves of absences, because even if I do all the work I won’t pass from all of the absences. At the New School we have a three absence rule where you can’t get more than a C if you miss three, so it’s kind of a waste of time for me to be backstage at a show or on set doing my homework if I can’t get more than a C anyway. It’s going to take a little bit longer for me to get my degree but that’s fine. Slowly but surely!

Are you a basketball fan or is that a bit of a stretch?

I was actually the biggest basketball fan when I was little. My thirteenth birthday was at a Lakers game, I wore Laker uniforms to school almost every day of my life. I played a lot of basketball to fair success. I shifted to volleyball in sixth grade but I’ve always been a basketball fan. I was the manager of the boy’s basketball team my last two years of high school. So I know all the rules and regulations, and I always try and catch a Knicks game when I’m in New York. Even though both the Knicks and Lakers aren’t doing so great right now, I feel like they’ll always be my home teams. I’m supportive even if they’re not winning.

Are you seeing any shows at Made FW this week?

I’m definitely trying to see Jeremy Scott, he was after all my debut show. I think I might have to work during his show, but I’m going to try my hardest to make it.

Will we be seeing you walking any exciting shows this week?

I can’t say, it’s very secret. But just wait and you’ll be in for a great surprise.

Photography by Koury Angelo.

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