A Hot Minute with J.R. Smith

J.R. Smith, the NBA All-Star currently signed to the Cleveland Cavaliers, struck a towering figure at the party last night presented by Made and Maybelline in Milk Studio’s penthouse. As one of the co-hosts of the event, along with Gigi Hadid, Smith perfectly represented the meeting between fashion and basketball. We spoke to Smith about the athlete’s high aspirations for the fashion world.

Is the world of fashion totally outside your comfort zone or is it an easy transition for you?

It’s definitely an easy transition for me. I mean I grew up a kid who didn’t have it all but I envied the people who were really into fashion and people who dressed really well. So I’ve always paid attention to it. But now that I’m in situations where I can afford to be able to make relationships with these people, I was very ready for it, so an easy transition for sure.

So do you like Fashion Week? Are you going to see any shows while you’re here?

I LOVE Fashion Week. I went to John Elliott earlier this afternoon, just before this event actually. I’m going to Public School, I’m going to Hood by Air, and some more on Sunday. I’m so busy with this fashion stuff I can barely keep track of my schedule. Basketball is off the table for the weekend. I’m going to let my hair down, shop a little bit, just relax. It’ll be nice.

What was it like to play on the same team as your younger brother for a season?

It was weird at first, but after we played and a month or two went by it got pretty normal. I see him on a day to day basis anyway, and where before we’d always like to practice together, then we were actually practicing together and playing with each other, it was so surreal.

Is there anything you would consider doing after basketball?

I would want to be a designer’s consultant. I wouldn’t want to take all the credit, but I’d like to be a big part of the design process. I’m hoping I can make the transition from basketball to designing, that’s what I’ve been thinking about a lot these days.

Photography by Koury Angelo.

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