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1/28 — Joyrich: Photo by Andrew Boyle



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For the first night of the 8th Floor Presentations, a staple of Made Fashion Week, four more distinctly characteristic designers could not have been found. From the leather wonderland of Collina Strada to the post pop-art cool kids of Joyrich, your definitive guide to the presentations is here. Peruse at your pleasure.


The Joyrich collection was like a display of High School cliques if those cliques pertained to certain pop art party monster groups. On one side you had the rich kids, represented by – what else – Richie Rich, as well as the art kids with composition-notebook-style prints on their two pieces, Clueless plaid-on-plaid kids, Patrick Nagel print pieces, Ketchup + Mustard ying-yang, and the too-cool-we-cut-school Coca Cola kids who gave us the worst sartorial envy (seriously, can we get that backpack now?!). To walk away from the Joyrich presentation was torture…we wanted to jump in and find our own niche, or at the very least start the coolest food fight.

Isa Arfen

While most designers are inspired by a singular influence or stimuli, Isa Arfen’s FW15 Collection seemed to be influenced by the entirety of the 20th century. It functioned as a collage of the fashion highlights from each decade; corduroy pantsuits fresh out of the 70’s, slick leather rain jackets and chunky earrings evoking apparel of the 40’s, and patterns that were the epitome of Bauhaus design of the 20’s. Yet for all its’ allusions to peaks of the past, Arfen’s vision is stunningly unique, one that was able to re-forge the past without borrowing from it. The result was a collection that was unified its’ vision of a world that has learned from the past, but like all the best fashion, is ultimately forward thinking.

Collina Strada

Hillary Taymour, aka Collina Strada’s, newest collection can be summed up in two words: leather wonderland. Showcased in burgundy, black, and a pair of white with tribal looking tan triangle lines, Collina made us realize that the reason we’ve been so cold all winter is because we’ve been missing some leather in our lives. Without crossing the line from S&M leather-daddy, the collection, which featured a mirror installation in the middle of the floor in order to show the best angle of all clothing details, presents perfectly cut ankle length pants, silver buckled mules, and the shearling details you didn’t know you needed until now. Get ready, ‘cause this shit’s about to get heavy.

Sandy Liang

Placing human-sized vases in the midst of models might seem a distracting choice of set decoration, but it seemed to solidify the fact that Sandy Liang’s FW15 collection might already be a work of art. Masterfully interweaving textures and fabrics, Liang’s collection was cold weather-wear for the urban woman who is fierce, aloof, and fabulous all at once. Heavy overcoats seamlessly melded the standard leather wear with sleeves that morphed into pastel-colored Mongolian fur from an animal only existent in our wildest daydreams. Additional highlights arrived in the glossy coral pink housecoats and dresses that were brightly and lusciously realized, the cherry on top of an already sundae-colored collection.

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