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Public School: Join The Sleepaway Camp

Some may think that ‘more of the same’ is a way to dodge true innovation, but Public School have time and again shown that continued variations on their already iconic aesthetic only produces maximal results. Their exercises in neutral colored ready to wear continued to demonstrate true artistry in their flawless seam work, inventive patterning, and ultimately, their effortless practicality. Collection highlights emerged in the outerwear, a spread that saw everything from sleek leather jackets to heavy duty overcoats to sleeping bag-like parkas. Perhaps most surprisingly for a Fall/Winter collection, Public School introduced some of their most vibrant colors yet in the form of red plaid sweaters and kilts and an array of lush blue satin pants evoking denim without supplanting its’ texture. The entire fashion world has had their eye on Public School for a while now, and they continually show us precisely why they’re a brand to watch.

Photography by Andrew Boyle

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