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1/17 — Photo by Andrew Boyle



The Heavy Duty War-Wear of Tim Coppens

In the coming war of the machines, Tim Coppens will be the designer in chief for the armies of humanity. Coppen’s FW15 collection was quite clearly made with military on the mind, perhaps evidenced best in overt allusions like a pair of combat pants that had a parachute cord attached, or the coats that were literally buckled together like the heaviest of heavy-duty war-wear. But Coppens also paid the highest attention to the intricacies of his fabrics and patterns; note the sharp creases in the series of blazers and pleated skirts, and the cubic construction of leather bombers spliced with patches of fur and camelhair. It was apparel designed for a person like James Bond, a figure who must have fashion appropriate for running through harsh climates or running through cocktail soirees. And it is of course, most debonair.

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